If any of the following scenarios do or will face the Business Unit or Team for which you are responsible, consider conducting the Strategy Diagnostic:

> the pressure is on to perform
> efficiency and productivity decline
> a new Unit is being set up, requiring optimum alignment from the outset
> discussions related to business objective achievement seem never-ending
> inability to effectively formulate quality action plans
> members of the Unit implement actions which contradict overall objectives

CPD’S low-cost, simple, and extremely effective alignment analysis process inevitably and quickly identifies the degree of alignment between members of a team. It has been successfully used for more than 20 years, in more than 18 countries, and in many industries and organizational structures. The valuable input you will gain regarding the Business Unit or Team’s alignment includes:

  • the degree of alignment between and amongst the members, as well as to the overall business objectives
  • review of overall business objectives
  • how to refocus the members in concert with overall business objectives

The very simple process for securing this valuable input is as follows:

1) Upon confirmed payment to CPD of $675.00, we provide you with a detailed description of the process. To get the results as quickly as possible, you may pay by Credit Card using PayPal.
[FIND OUT MORE] Otherwise please e-mail us at [email protected] to discuss payment processing.

2) Within 24 hours of your payment, we provide you with an online link enabling your Unit members to submit relevant objectives. You distribute the link to the members, who fill in the form and return it to us.

3) When we receive these submissions from all members of the Unit, we compile them into 9 objectives. You then confirm that these are the 9 objectives each member of the Unit shall prioritize.

4) Within 24 hours after your confirmation, all members receive a link enabling them to individually and confidentially prioritize the 9 objectives.

5) When we receive the priorities from all members, the final report will be returned to you within two business days.

6) If you wish, within 7 days of our returning the report to you, at your request, one of our consultants will be available for a telephone conversation with you to explain the final report. All information submitted t
o us will be kept in strictest confidence.

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