CPD Responds to a Changing Landscape

To address the pressing changes in nearly all areas that impact and shape day-to-day business environments, CPD has several innovative services to help you stay on track and sharpen your leading-edge skills. The Strategy Diagnostic identifies the degree of alignment within your organization and offers tools for increasing this degree of alignment. Our Leadership Presentations offer leading-edge leadership skills used by world-class leaders.

The Strategy Diagnostic
If ever there was a time to make sure that all of your organizational resources are working together, that time is now. Our unique service enables you to quickly discover whether and how well your team, department, or division, etc. is aligned with its stated goals and objectives. It also offers you tools for powerfully realigning where necessary. 

We have successfully used this low-cost, simple, and extremely effective alignment analysis process for more than 20 years, in more than 18 countries, and in many industries and organizational structures. The valuable input you will gain includes direct measures of the degree of alignment between and among members of the business unit or team as well as how to refocus the members to be acting in concert with your overall business objectives.

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Leadership Presentations
The demands confronting leadership in every part of society have led to profound insights into the most critical aspects of leadership. Our work with our strategic partners at Dilts Strategy Group on the changing role of leaders in both business and global strategic leadership has generated a series of cutting-edge presentations. Suitable for delivery at conferences, retreats, off-sites, meetings, or associations, we share what we have learned about world-class leaders in general, how great leaders navigate downturns, and the importance of ethics in leadership. We can also tailor workshops or trainings in any of these areas for your organization.

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