Customer Analysis Process

Our continued success in today's marketplace depends on providing our customers the highest quality products and services. One of CPD's strategic goals is to establish a Customer Analysis Process as an integral part of our services. The objectives of CPD's Customer Analysis Process are to:

  • Create an analysis process that applies to all CPD interventions and client work

  • Involve key internal and external resources

  • Utilize multiple data sources (client, consultant, CPD staff and vendors, etc.)

  • Apply findings to make specific improvements in products and services

  • Establish a database for internal research and analysis

Metric Matrix
To support this process, we have developed a special Metric Matrix by which services can be assessed among four levels. These levels include:

  • Engagement Analysis

  • Customer Satisfaction Analysis

  • Transfer to Work Environment Analysis

  • Impact on Business Results Analysis

Using specific metrics tools for each level, we asses such measurable elements as the following:

  • Knowledge

  • Attitudes

  • Skills acquired

Why the Customer Analysis Process Is Important
In short, the Customer Analysis Process is important so that our clients can quantify the results of working with us. The information gathered at each of these levels enables us to provide specific data to our clients showing how our work has effected changes throughout their organization
from increasing business targets to empowering interpersonal relationships.

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