Analyzing the demands confronting leadership in every aspect of society have led to profound insights into the most critical aspects of leadership. Our strategic partners at Dilts Strategy Group have generated a series of presentations on the changing role of leaders in both business and global strategic leadership. Suitable for delivery at conferences, retreats, off-sites, meetings, or associations, we present what we have learned about world-class leaders in general, how great leaders navigate downturns, and ethics in leadership.

World-Class Leadership
An emerging view of leadership in the business context sees leaders as managing relationships to create the desired organizational future by using influence, congruence, and integrity rather than power and command. In other words, world-class leadership builds the capacity to achieve results and attain both personal and organizational outcomes.

You will learn what world-class leaders have discovered are the skills and priorities for successful leadership practices. Information will include: 

  • Four basic actions and eight personal qualities of world-class leaders

  • Importance of leading versus managing

  • Tips for leading change

  • Insights into reaching organizational outcomes

  • Skills for leading teams

  • Tools for communicating your vision

  • Skills for understanding others’ motivation

  • Identifying conflict and creating powerful resolution

Ethics and Leadership
Ethics and ethical behavior matter because leaders hold positions of power and their behavior affects many people, both directly and also as symbolic figures or role models for others who follow their example. Recent events and scandals have demonstrated the consequences of business leaders either unwilling or unable to behave ethically.

What we have learned about ethics and leadership includes:

  • Relationship between values, ethics, and leadership

  • Connection between organizational values and ethical leadership

  • Ethical questions faced by managers and ethical decision-making strategies

  • Key qualities of leadership for ethical behavior

  • Moving from vision to action

  • Leading by example

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