At CPD, our work is firmly rooted in positive and affirming beliefs about people. Our consulting is based on the powerful premise that people are intrinsically motivated, resourceful, and capable of high performance.

Every organization and culture is a by-product of how its members think and interact with each other. CPD's consultants' expertise lies in the ability to directly address the corporate culture so that organizations can be more profitable, productive, adaptive, self-correcting, and flexible. The result is that individuals who make up the company emerge from our programs and coaching able to make wiser systemic decisions with regard to the organization's future.

The question then becomes, "What is culture?" Organizational culture is the collection of presuppositions that are evidenced in behavior by a group of people. Presuppositions are what must be true for a behavior to make sense. To change an organization, we look at the underlying presuppositions that currently exist in the organization and what they need to become for the organization to excel. To do this, we assess:

  • Vision and Purpose: What does your staff currently believe is the vision and purpose for the business? And how would you define the business's ultimate vision and purpose?

  • Identity: What does your staff think your organization is? And how would you define your organization?

  • Beliefs and Values: Does your staff understand and adhere to the business's beliefs and values? And how would you define the business's beliefs and values? 

  • Capabilities: Does your staff have the capabilities necessary to do the work required of them? What capabilities do they need to deliver on your ultimate vision and purpose?  

  • Behavior: How do people actually do in their day-to-day work? Are they effective in getting the job done, including collaborating with others? How could they be more effective?

  • Environment: What internal and external conditions and constraints does your staff believe affect the business? Which conditions and constraints do you believe affect the business? And are all internal and external conditions and constraints that affect your organization taken into account to the extent practicable?

At each of these levels, we evaluate the gap between your views and those of your staff and what it will take to align the current business culture and environment with your objectives.

Once the cultural presuppositions and goals have been identified, we follow a 3-step approach to align your culture with your objectives.

Step 1: Organizational Assessment
Naming the truth about what is happening in a company's culture is step one in any change process. We use a range of customized tools to provide executive teams with an exceptionally high degree of accuracy in understanding what is going on in their organization.

Step 2: Developing a Change Strategy
We then partner with company leaders to develop an organizational change strategy. This includes designing appropriate interventions for bringing the highest leverage of change to a particular corporate culture.

Step 3: Creating a Quality Organization
We continue working with our clients to develop the shifts in patterns for strategic organizational change. This becomes an ongoing learning activity that creates a culture of high quality and high performance.

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