TeamWorkAbility™ can fundamentally improve the way team members relate to themselves, each other, and the team as a whole causing breakthroughs in productivity and results. By building a lasting foundation of partnership and communication, resolving team issues, and aligning for a new future, TeamWorkAbility™ provides a dramatic springboard to a new level of success.

The Center for Professional Development's (CPD's) approach is based on the recognition that people are capable of achieving far more than they usually do, with much less effort than is normally expended. We help identify the attitudes and beliefs at the root of limitations, both in individual performance and in the effectiveness of working relationships. Through the exploration of limiting belief systems, we identify sources of ineffective teamwork and shift to belief systems that generate a high-performance team. Greater accomplishment with less stress directly and positively impacts job satisfaction, creativity, and morale.


In TeamWorkAbility you will learn how to:

  • Strengthen each individual's willingness and ability to deal with conflict and create an environment where difficult issues are handled effectively by the team

  • Resolve the key communication and interpersonal issues that affect the productivity of the team

  • Learn the listening and speaking skills that make the above possible

  • Build trust based on genuine mutual commitments and support

  • Create a breakthrough for each individual so new learning occurs on a regular basis

  • Create new commitments and goals that move the team and business forward

  • Learn the essential skills needed to maintain and build the team in the future

TeamWorkAbility™ is an off-site residential intensive intervention for groups of up to 15 participants facilitated by either two or three consultants.

Each participant will have a private meeting with a consultant prior to the group meeting. To support their personal breakthrough, participants may also meet privately with a consultant during the intervention. The duration of the intervention is 4.5 days.

Each TeamWorkAbility™ is customized to fit the needs of the team with follow-up of advanced team development and skills training. In most cases, CPD's on-going support of the team includes the facilitation of quarterly meetings for one year by one of our consultants.

What People Are Saying about TeamWorkAbility™

"A huge, positive, meaningful, empowering impact! I feel a sense of worth and partnership that I didn't know was possible."

"This course has had a major impact -- creation of a brand new and extremely important team-working atmosphere with enormous potential benefit."

"This provided a complete rebuild! We arrived as skeptics and now are believers in ourselves and the team."

"I came away with very useful tools and skills for effective management and relationships."

"I now feel that I have a role and a responsibility in making this team work better."

"This program gave us the opportunity to address several issues and obstacles that have been detrimental to us functioning at a higher level! The outlook is very promising now."


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