New Team Alignment™

New Team Alignment™ enables teams to move into effective action quickly by creating more trusting relationships and partnerships, enhancing team and individual performance, supporting group identity that is aligned with the company culture and supports the business strategy, and developing a shared understanding of direction for the team members.

When new teams are formed through mergers or reorganizations, members generally experience fear and distrust. They have many questions about who their new leader and members are and how the new team will operate. Our approach is to deal with fears and other issues up front; to create shared understanding of team norms, leader and member roles and responsibilities; and to understand the team's direction, objectives, timelines, and deliverables. Alignment on these issues creates the foundation for strategic planning and effective action.

In New Team Alignment
you will learn how to:

  • Clear old issues and fears from the past that relate to the merger and team members' past relationships

  • Build trust and partnership between team members that is focused on accomplishing the new team's goals

  • Open clear, honest lines of communication between team members

  • Align on the team's direction, objectives, and deliverables

  • Create a shared understanding of what the team leader and members expect of each other in terms of operating practices and group norms

  • Integrate the cultures of the new team members and create an identity for the team that is organization-specific

  • Learn a team development model which allows for self-corrective behavior

The New Team Alignment™ design includes pre-interviews with participants and is customized to respond to the company's environment and culture as well as to specific needs of the team and team leader. The key members of a new team attend the two-and-a-half-day experience as a single group.

What People Are Saying about New Team Alignment™

"New Team Alignment profoundly altered my viewpoint of the individuals and of the whole team in the most positive sense. I now have a very positive perspective on where the team can go and what we can achieve —and my every dream was fulfilled in that respect."

"New Team Alignment provided me with new insights about myself and my colleagues that have enabled us to advance to a new level of cooperation and achievement. I have increased confidence in my abilities and more trust and faith in others."

"This was a great arena to learn and feel the mechanics and desires of the group. The strategic path has been set —I now feel like we have a team and I am part of it."


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