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Alignment Analysis™ for Business Unit Objectives
The Alignment Analysis for Business Unit Objectives is a powerful, unique, and quick process used to identify the degree of alignment and agreement of the team as a whole towards the objectives of the business unit. The analysis provides the group leader with precise data regarding the status of alignment within the business unit.

Executives, business unit managers, and project team leaders as well as group members are bombarded with information on a daily basis and are often expected to make swift decisions that fit within the context of the specific primary objectives of the group as well as the organization's general strategic direction. This process can be particularly challenging if decisions are made based on an intuitive strategy without consulting the company and/or the group's primary objectives. Successful leaders and their team members make decisions that ensure the group is on track and all of its members are aligned with the primary goals and objectives relevant to the business unit.

This Alignment Analysis can be used for a variety of groups to determine the degree of alignment among its members, including:

  • Corporate senior management teams

  • Department management teams

  • Project teams

  • Strategic business unit teams

  • Boards of directors

Process Overview
The Alignment Analysis targets a management team, engaging the members in a brief analysis of the current objectives. The process creates a precise picture of highly-relevant parameters of alignment of the team vis-à-vis the objectives of the group. The process also pinpoints to what degree each member of the team is aligned with the objectives of the team. The process is implemented through an easy-to-use web-based interviewing interface.

The process includes a powerful method of measurement, which is processed by our expert consultants, analyzed, and then expressed as correlation factors. The numerical expression of this analysis stimulates exciting and high-powered discussions of each of the objectives that are directly relevant to the Unit's level of achieving the overall objectives.

We also offer services to determine whether your organization's current objectives are the most appropriate ones given your stated vision and goals. Please contact us directly for more information on this consulting service.









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