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Mergers and Acquisitions

Research shows that during a merger, regular business efforts are negatively affected by tension, stress, and anxiety on every level. It can take as long as two to three years for the new business to stabilize, profits to rise, and the employee base to become focused and aligned as a team.

Experts agree on the factors that reduce recovery time and predict success:

  • Ensuring thorough pre-merger preparation

  • Staying on track financially and business-wise

  • Maintaining employee morale and equilibrium

  • The management team creating a strong and viable post-merger integration plan to create, maintain, and communicate a compelling vision of the future clearly, quickly, and effectively

Following are some of the concerns about people, culture, and the bottom line most frequently found in business research and literature that affect companies before, during, and after a merger.



Merger Concerns:

Distinguishing rumors from real information

Losing control of the message

Preparing to change the culture

Developing a communication plan

Maintaining morale



Questioning the cultural fit

Evaluating the need for change

Creating a timeline for integration

Establishing a communication plan


Ensuring due diligence

Questioning the strategic fit

Developing new corporate direction and strategy

Assessing shareholder concerns

Anticipating press leaks, both negative and positive

Expanding the market share

During Merger

Retaining key employees

Not overstretching management teams

Aligning new teams

Conducting business ongoing business

During Merger

Implementing the integration plan

Defining and implementing change efforts

Maintaining strengths of both merging companies

Adhering to the communication plan and timeline

During Merger

Implementing the new corporate direction and strategy

Developing a focused market presence

Looking for quick wins

Preparing for loss of revenue

Ensuring customer retention


Continuing new team alignment

Retaining key employees

Managing integration

Navigating real-time issues


Keeping the integration plan on track

Strengthening managerial goals

Creating organizational excellence

Maintaining timeline for the  implementation of changes and goals

Ensuring continued alignment of management and employees


Anticipating loss of revenue and growth slow-down

Planning for long-term financial success

Conducting business as usual

Establishing market position

Building customer service and retention

Consolidating resources

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