Women's Leadership Development

Successful organizations attend to the development of their leaders. This attention is driven by the extraordinary need for leaders who can create the vision, communicate the strategy, and direct the company’s actions. Organizations, large and small, are becoming evermore complex and interdependent, requiring leaders who can demonstrate stability while evolving his or her leadership capabilities. Today’s leaders are required to be strategists and alchemists. For over 21 years, The Center for Professional Development (CPD) has partnered with key executives at global Fortune 100 companies to enhance their leadership capabilities and to guide the organization to attain their vision and be leaders in their fields.

In a 2003 study, Hewitt Associates found a significant correlation between leadership development and a company’s business results. Companies with a comprehensive succession planning process and which are more committed to developing future leaders attain above average financial returns when compared with companies which do not focus on or support leadership development. A 2003 study led by the Corporate Leadership Counsel further corroborates this trend: the study highlighted that organizations with stronger leadership benches have approximately 10% higher total shareholder return than their counterparts.

Over the last two decades, CPD has documented client work that spans from corporate strategic initiatives to practical team skill-building experiences to develop Fortune 100 managers and leaders. We supply useful tools and skills to executives and leadership development programs. We equip leaders to demonstrate the critical capabilities identified by The Conference Board’s Developing Business Leaders for 2010 research report.

All of our learning processes are customized to fit within the culture of the organization and its strategic direction. We begin with a detailed needs analysis utilizing Success Factor Modeling™, where we partner with key leaders and executive teams to determine the actions, qualities, and skills required to successfully lead their organization over the next ten years. Fundamentally, we are committed to guiding leaders to create a foundation that will support their corporate leadership model and determine leader competencies and leadership development activities.

In addition, it is evident that the next ten years will bring changes in the demographics of senior corporate leaders and that more women will be in those senior executive positions. We are aware that women's leadership development has some unique challenges and have designed our programs to effectively address those issues.

CPD’s learning processes and activities designed specifically for women leaders include:

  • Identification of a Passionate Purpose: creating and articulating an inspiring vision

  • Find Your Voice: speaking with power

  • Know Your Communication Style: appropriately promoting yourself

  • Real Conversations: preparing to have difficult conversations and provide feedback

  • Mentor and Coach: developing others' skills

  • Successful Collaboration: influencing and partnering

  • Work-Life Balance: managing professional and personal balance

We partner with women to identify program and organizational objectives, which we offer in multiple-delivery options:

  • Keynote speeches and keynote workshops

  • Assessments and 360 Feedback

  • Multi-day workshops

  • Coaching

  • Action learning and learning design

  • Project-based learning


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