Excelling in a Changing Global Business Environment: Integrating Strategy and Leadership in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) and Dilts Strategy Group have recently completed a study identifying the critical success factors that allow leaders and their organizations to survive and thrive in a changing business environment. The result of this work is a simple, pragmatic yet comprehensive model of integrating business strategy and leadership that is targeted to the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

The study identified three major effects of the changing economic and corporate conditions facing the industry:

  • Increases in financial pressure

  • Challenges in maintaining the product pipeline

  • Changes in customer needs

Many of the 11 companies that participated in the study have experienced difficulties in managing these effects because they have been insensitive to the changing business environment, trapped in their previous habits, and applying outmoded structures and practices. Narrow perspectives and closed-mindedness have left them running in place.

The Call to Action: Effective Leadership

This study showed that, in order to reach strategic objectives and address industry problems, companies need more effective leadership that is founded upon vision and communication. Effective leaders have a vision and a mission and a strategic plan for implementing the vision. They are able to embrace a broader vision, communicate it to their staff, engage them as part of the process, which drives and inspires performance, and then develop more complex strategies and plans.

The model derived from the study contains the key factors applied by effective leaders to powerfully deal with change and meet strategic objectives. These factors include skills for managing and maintaining the product pipeline, developing effective teams and an aligned work force, executing an effective business strategy, and containing costs.

See Executive Summary (pdf)

The Offerings

The Center for Professional Development and Dilts Strategy Group offer a variety of practical leadership development paths for promoting effective leadership competence in leaders including:

Leadership Assessment

A key component of leadership development is leadership assessment, which helps to define the leadership behaviors and qualities that need to be strengthened. We may utilize leadership audits to outline the current leadership profile of an individual, team, or organization and define areas for improvement.

Individual Coaching

We offer individual coaching, which involves a set of meetings (and possibly observations in the field) during which the coach and the participant analyze, review, and rethink significant episodes of leadership with the help of effective diagnostic tools (leadership audits, 360° feedback, etc.).

Development Workshops

We provide half-day to two-day workshops focused on key parts of the leadership model. These workshops provide hands-on practice with the necessary tools and skills to be successful.

Assisted Self-Development

Our objective is to help participants become the owners of their own leadership development. In formal training sessions, participants are helped to develop the behavioral skills and personal qualities that are lacking or can be improved.

Project-Based Learning

We offer project-based learning, which involves a set of meetings linked to a real change project. The objective is to tackle the specific needs of the leader and his or her team with respect to the ongoing change process.

Meetings are supported by a workbook which links the skills, actions, and qualities of leadership to specific phases of a change project. The objective is to link leadership development training to the successful achievement of a project outcome.

Keynote Addresses at Off-Site Meetings

Executives are often looking for something new and relevant to include at an annual off-site meeting. Presentations on our "Excelling in a Changing Global Business Environment" study and the leadership model are packaged as 1.5-hour to half-day presentations. These presentations are informative, entertaining, and provide leaders with new ways of thinking and useful tools to take home.

Creating a Fully-Customized Leadership Model by Applying Success Factor Modeling

The Success Factor Modeling™ process involves identifying a company's success stories. Specially trained consultants from The Center for Professional Development and/or Dilts Strategy Group conduct interviews with the leaders and key team members involved in these success examples. The consultants then use a synthesis of the interview findings to identify the key features of the customized leadership model. The goals of this model are to:

  • Preserve the elements in the past culture of the organization that have made it successful

  • Define what is working well now

  • Identify leading-edge leadership practices that promote fitness for the future

  • Provide smooth succession planning

  • Create a link between effective leadership and business strategy

  • Establish the connection of effective leadership with value creation

  • Support the development of key competencies in team members

Read Leadership and Development – Point of View (pdf)


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