Speech Coaching

Speech Coaching provides personalized, private, one-on-one coaching, in advance of an important presentation, designed to meet the specific outcomes of the person or small team being coached.

We believe a client's time is his or her most valuable and irreplaceable investment. To us, this means coaching and training must be done right the first time. We therefore utilize a team of two consultants interacting with the client simultaneously in order to maximize the results and achieve specific goals.

Whether a client is preparing for a very important presentation, is in need of extra-special attention on personal speaking issues, or is planning a group presentation, the coaches are there to give their full support and coaching expertise to facilitate the client's successful achievement of desired results.

The length of a Speech Coaching session varies according to the specific needs of the client. The number of participants in a Speech Coaching session is determined by considering the outcomes and the specific issues of each group. There is a maximum of eight participants for a one-day session.


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