PresentAbility™ is an innovative, interactive public speaking course designed to create a new and more powerful speaking paradigm for participants. Whatever size the audience, after PresentAbility™ you will think differently about speaking and even have fun making presentations.

In a sense, every time we communicate we are making a presentation. It may be more or less formal, highly prepared or impromptu, but there are certain constants that underlie all communication and all presentations, e.g., the speaker always has an intended message for a particular audience. PresentAbility™ focuses on each of these constants to assist the participants not only in building skills, but in shifting paradigms in regards to how they think about themselves as speakers, how they structure and deliver their messages, and how they pay attention to and learn from the audience. The instructors model the concepts and techniques as well as teach them. The instructors also provide personalized coaching to address the specific style, issues, concerns, needs, and goals of each participant. The PresentAbility™ approach works with both the rational and non-rational aspects of the speaker's experience to help each participant discover new resources and abilities within themselves and enable them to break out of limitations to achieve greater confidence, power, and effectiveness in speaking.

In PresentAbility™, you will discover how to:

  • Present facts and logic in a way that speaks to both the rational understanding and emotional response of your audience

  • Design a presentation that creates a powerful experience for the audience

  • Actively involve the audience in your presentation

You will practice how to consistently connect with your audience and discover how to:

  • Take the 'emotional temperature' of your audience and
    respond to it

  • Make yourself and your audience more comfortable

  • Create a relationship with the audience and re-create
    it if you lose it

You will learn how to enhance your own personal style while maintaining your focus on the audience and will discover how to:

  • Interact with the audience and smoothly handle questions and answers

  • Identify and build on your own personal style and strengths

You will explore the magic of audience engagement for inspiring and influencing others, and you will discover how to:

  • Hold the attention of the audience and keep them curious

  • Fully express your ideas and thoughts in a memorable way

  • Tap into your passion and express it to the audience

PresentAbility™ is a highly interactive three-day experience with numerous opportunities to speak in front of an audience, which are always followed by personalized feedback and coaching from the instructors. Presentations are often videotaped to give participants the opportunity to learn by examining how their presentations look from the audience perspective. Participation is limited 12 to ensure that everyone has ample opportunity to speak and receive feedback and coaching from the two consultants. Homework is an essential part of PresentAbility™ and is assigned every night. Each participant will receive a personal videotape at the end.

What People Are Saying about PresentAbility™

"This will be an event to remember for the rest of my life."

"You pushed us right into our discomfort zone but you didn¹t leave us out there alone. Excellent coaching."

"It made me think about what skills I have to use when speaking and new ways to expand my capabilities."

"It caused me to realize I can be more creative while making presentations."

"Your course increased my ability to connect with people who are outside my 'comfort zone.'  In the long-term, my life will be greatly enhanced."

"The course gave me more confidence."


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