Upward Feedback

The Upward Feedback process provides a structure for effective face-to-face communication of feedback to managers and supervisors from their direct reports.

In order to succeed in today's business and economic climate, individuals and organizations must be flexible and able to rapidly respond to shifting demands. For effective change to occur, leaders and organizations need to know what to change as well as how to change. Leaders need to know which of their behaviors to alter and what aspects of their team's dynamics to change.

In Upward Feedback you will learn how to:

  • Develop skills for offering constructive feedback that helps build productive relationships

  • Help managers and supervisors identify traits of theirs that employees, clients, and co-workers value and of which they would like to see more

  • Identify specific leader behavior and organizational issues that need addressing, and to guide the development of plans for making those needed changes

  • Encourage a positive, supportive atmosphere throughout the group and with clients

  • Enable direct reports to experience their manager or supervisor making specific commitments and being held accountable for them

  • Establish a communication system and process with a solid, long-lasting structure

Upward Feedback involves a series of facilitated meetings in which direct reports give feedback to their manager or supervisor using a prescribed structure assisted by the coaching of a CPD consultant.  In these meetings, the manager or supervisor practices new listening skills after having had separate individual coaching. 

This particular sequence is followed for several reasons. It:

  • Reduces concerns about the process

  • Allows the manager to model appropriate responses to feedback

  • Makes a public statement about the value of the process

Typically, Upward Feedback sessions are held in conjunction with 360 assessments. CPD can utilize a client’s already existing 360° instrument or customize one to address the particular leadership competencies identified by the organization.


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