Creating Compelling Partnerships™

To achieve success in key relationships, partners must be able to pursue and achieve business objectives while simultaneously building and maintaining a strong and healthy corporation-to-corporation working relationship. A strong working relationship can lead to better business results in a number of ways, including by:

  • Reducing compliance-monitoring and transaction costs

  • Providing greater value through improved leverage of assets and capabilities and effective low-cost, high-value tradeoffs

  • Resulting in fewer damaging or costly surprises

  • Offering early problem recognition

  • Supporting greater innovation

Strong working relationships built on a foundation of trust and enlightened self-interest lead partners to share appropriate information about their interests with each other, leading to greater mutual understanding, which then enables them to craft deals that are more valuable to both sides. In other words, they enter an “adding-value loop” (See figure below).

The Center for Professional Development’s Creating Compelling Partnerships™ model has assisted many corporations in creating more profitable, sustainable, and satisfying business relationships. In addition to learning tools and skills that assist with each component of the adding-value loop, clients also learn to identify when they are in the "shrinking-value loop." 

In addition to classroom training, we can provide coaching to support you through successfully managing your strategic partnerships, including launching, negotiating, and mending these partnerships.


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