Principled Negotiations &
Compelling Partnerships™

For individuals, Principled Negotiations & Compelling Partnerships™ creates breakthroughs in their approach to negotiations; for a company, it teaches a powerful new way to do business. The result is superior negotiated results, wise and efficient agreements, and greater business success.

Successful negotiation involves much more than just knowing what to ask for. CPD's Principled Negotiations & Compelling Partnerships™ model imparts skills for building and maintaining powerful, win-win, long-term strategic alliances. It provides a clear step-by-step process along with the communication skills and techniques necessary to be successful at using the process.


In Principled Negotiations & Compelling Partnerships, you will learn how to:

  • Acquire a methodical framework for planning and managing the negotiation process

  • Develop the communication and influencing skills necessary to negotiate effectively

  • Develop the techniques and mindsets that succeed with tough negotiators

  • Understand negotiation as a powerful tool for improving relationships and building long-term partnerships

  • Become comfortable using this new process

Principled Negotiations & Compelling Partnerships™ is a rigorous, fast-moving, and challenging experience. The model covers skills training and individual and group practice as well as role-play negotiations using both case studies from the Harvard Negotiation Project and custom situations geared to your particular business circumstances.

Principled Negotiations & Compelling Partnerships™ is typically delivered in workshops that run between two and four-and-a-half consecutive days. We also offer highlights and condensed versions of the program in keynote speeches and half-day workshops.

What People Are Saying about Principled Negotiations & Compelling Partnerships™

"It broadened my horizons on what is possible in a negotiation."

"The course gave me a structure and process that will help me clarify issues, explore options, and find the best possible solution."

"It helped me learn skills to keep me from 'caving.' It was a real boost in my confidence."


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