Collaboration and partnership involve undertakings that enable individuals from different parts of the company or, in the case of strategic partnerships, different companies to be more creative and to promote innovative and flexible thinking, negotiation, and problem-solving, all of which improve resource utilization and execution.

CPD's extensively researched and tested approach to collaboration and partnership takes a systems view of these common and important transactions, ensuring the integrity and longevity of both short-term and long-term results and relationships. Competition still exists within a collaborative approach and can stimulate creative, even playful efforts to cooperate. Issues of power are still present within collaborations too. And we can learn to more powerfully utilize our abilities to influence all parties in the negotiation to achieve both their and our desired results.

CPD's unrivalled expertise in this area comes from being able to effect an organizational culture change that includes:

  • Developing leaders' abilities to influence with integrity

  • Enhancing the skills and abilities of people who don't typically think of themselves as conducting negotiations, although they almost certainly are, each and every day, in both their personal and professional lives

  • CPD partnering with clients in their negotiations with either internal or external strategic partners, whether through coaching of the negotiator(s), becoming a member of the negotiating team, or CPD actually conducting the negotiation

Underlying it all is what we consider to be seven fundamental aspects of negotiation and influence:

  • Prepare for the negotiation

  • Uncover the real issues

  • Seek win-win outcomes

  • Be creative

  • Establish and respect principles

  • Be soft on relationships and hard on issues

  • Focus on the relationship

CPD's approach to instilling collaboration and partnership skills and capabilities relies primarily on Principled Negotiations & Compelling Partnerships. To support the many variations in strategic partnerships, whether internal or external, we have developed Creating Compelling Partnerships™.

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