We are a committed team of management and organizational development professionals dedicated to optimizing our clients' business relationships in order for them to powerfully and efficiently achieve their corporate goals. We work in collaboration with a team of colleagues to deliver services to clients in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and Europe, assisting them in creating successful 21st-century organizations that are:

  • profitable and productive

  • adaptive to and highly successful in managing change

  • self-correcting, flexible, intelligent

  • socially and environmentally responsible

Since 1985, CPD's approach has been based on the principle that effective partnership between people provides the basis for achieving extraordinary business results. Our focus is on strategy development and alignment, leadership, management and employee development, organizational structure design and culture enhancement, and change.

Our Expertise
CPD's approach allows for individual, group, and organizational achievements to flourish concurrently. Our consultants are renowned for identifying and realizing the fullest potential in any given situation or working relationship.




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