Zemo Trevathan

Zemo Trevathan is known for his ability to create training environments that foster deep trust, collaboration, and effective communication in which team members and individuals uncover new skills and enhance existing ones. Zemo specializes in coaching leaders and teams to make the seemingly impossible happen, drawing from them skills, visions, and resources they didn't know they had. Participants regularly express amazement at how much they have learned in such short amounts of time and how much progress their teams have made into new levels of satisfaction and results.

Zemo received his bachelor of science degree with honors in psychology at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. He continued to deepen his knowledge and extend his skills with studies in national and international programs of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, systems thinking, and breakthrough training. He is a certified administrator of the Human Patterns work and management style indicator.

His work and studies have taken him to Asia, Africa, Europe, and Central America involving him in cross-cultural studies and diversity, human resources, sales and marketing, and organizational and leadership development. He has designed and led programs for a wide range of organizations from small, privately-owned companies to multinational corporations.

In Zemo's executive coaching as well as in trainings and team interventions, the focus is on aligning individuals and groups with their own intrinsic values and motivations so they can contribute fully and excel in the endeavors that matter most to them.

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