Simon Lovegrove

Simon Lovegrove's consulting expertise encompasses strength in both people and strategy development.

His work with strategy development focuses on optimizing value added through customer management and the customer interface. This results in a unique understanding of the business impact of integrating new technologies in customer relationships and of the operational and human issues that are crucial to making these technologies work.

Simon brings a fresh eye and a sense of possibility to his work. One of his key skills is being able to enter a situation where there are no 'maps.' He is able to navigate through uncertainty, make sense of the situation, and bring it to resolution. He focuses on achieving results through the development of individuals, using the results to catalyze awareness and action. As a coach, Simon's firm belief is that change can happen in an instant, but usually takes time, consideration, and support.

Simon has worked in many business sectors, including retail banking, credit card companies, all varieties of communications, insurance and utilities, and retail.

In organizational life, Simon feels it is as important to enjoy the process as to produce a powerful resolution. As part of an M.Sc. in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, he is researching teams and how to have team success with individual personal growth and happiness all at once. Simon is an NLP Master Practitioner.

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