Marina Webster

Marina has studied the psychology of human behavior for over 22 years and over the past ten years has worked in organizational and people development as a facilitator, trainer, and coach. She has worked with many types of clients, including retail, government, pharmaceutical, banking, IT, construction, professional services, hi-tech engineering, the armed forces, and the medical profession.

Marina is trained in transactional analysis, accelerated learning, the psychology of human behavior, coaching, and mentoring and is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer. She is also trained to deliver workshops on Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Marina specializes in implementing culture change, executive coaching, leadership, communication and motivation, strategic and project partnering, skills training and behavioral development, and team development.

A catalyst and facilitator of change, Marina enables organizations and individuals to fulfill their personal and professional potential. She has the expertise and experience to build successful teams and leaders in business. In any group event, she uses accelerated learning, which incorporates different learning styles. This enables participants to be in an excellent learning state and enjoying themselves as well as working on real issues.

Some examples of Marina's work with clients include working with German and US IT teams to create an integrated global team, delivering a Mastering the Art of Selling course for a major airline, facilitating team development and coaching in two large hospital trusts, delivering influencing and persuasion courses for a pharmaceutical company, designing and facilitating the leadership program for a major retail chain, creating and delivering management development programs for a retail group, conducting a stakeholder management training in a multinational oil company, leading communication and influencing programs for a large investment bank, and facilitating project partnering with the contractors and design team of a large supermarket chain.

Marina's mission is to help individuals achieve excellence and well-being and to help organizations to achieve their full potential through people working in a culture of co-operation. Marina is energetic, creative, fun, motivational, and business-focused.

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