Jim Peal Ph.D.

Powerful, a natural master communicator, dynamic, multi-talented, fun, and inspiring are just a few of the words that people use to describe Jim Peal. Recognized internationally for his ability to inspire and motivate people, Jim continually leads people to higher levels of capability.

Jim's mastery brings businesses and people to a higher level of competence, confidence, and productivity. His corporate consulting focuses on optimizing corporate cultures to promote excellence. His leading-edge executive coaching provides a unique synthesis that taps inner strengths and external resources resulting in higher performance and personal satisfaction. Jim has the unique ability to read complex situations, design, initiate, and complete the appropriate interventions.

Jim's rich background includes advanced studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is one of the few NLP Master Practitioners certified as an Elite Master Trainer of NLP. His postgraduate work at Baylor Medical School and his doctoral degree from the Union Institute clearly demonstrate his ongoing commitment to education, creativity, and excellence.

Jim has been on the leading edge in creating and implementing programs in diversity. He served as the founding Chairman of the Diversity Committee at Pacifica Graduate Institute and has served as a commissioner on the Affirmative Action Commission for Santa Barbara County. In addition to being an international diversity lecturer and a trainer of diversity trainers, he has worked with several major corporations in the U.S. to raise awareness and facilitate the implementation of diversity initiatives.

People are immediately engaged when working with Jim. Not only is he a powerful role model for on-target communication, he infuses his authentic humor into his courses to create the optimum environment for learning and achievement. No matter what course Jim leads, participants learn on multiple levels and leave empowered with a set of skills and understanding of how to apply them.

Jim has been instrumental in empowering businesses to make quantum increases in their productivity. He expresses the depth of his understanding of human beings and systems in an elegant practical speaking and teaching style that enlightens and promotes long-lasting changes.

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