David Mark Fourman D. Mark Fourman M.A., M.Sc.

Mark is a respected trainer, coach and consultant focusing on conflict resolution and alliance building to achieve superior performance. He has extensive experience working with executives and teams at global corporations including GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, The Dow Chemical Company, Xerox Corporation, Morgan Stanley and Adobe.

Mark’s work is practical and results-oriented, assisting companies in developing high performance individuals, teams, inter-departmental working relationships and strategic alliances. 

High Performance Teams  Mark has helped hundreds of teams deal with unresolved conflicts, guiding them to create new commitments for mutual support and giving them skills for effective teamwork, leading to sustained performance improvements.

High Performance Cultures  Mark has assisted companies in changing their corporate cultures from ones that were hampered by unresolved conflicts, silo mentalities and underperformance to ones that resolve conflicts effectively and build productive alliances (between individuals, teams and organizations), leading to systemic high performance.

High Performance Acquisition Integration  In a post-merger acquisition integration, Mark led the consulting team that was responsible for providing team integration services for a 40,000-person global organization. Targeted use of new team integration programs reduced the time it took for new teams across the organization to form – and become fully productive – from the typical one year timeframe to just a few months.

High Performance Strategic Alliances  Mark has guided clients to radically improve the performance of their strategic alliances through improved conflict resolution, negotiation and alliance management skills. Clients have reported multi-million-dollar savings and/or revenue increases resulting from this work.

Mark holds a master’s degree in mathematics from Oxford University and a master’s degree in microelectronics systems design from Brunel University. Mark’s scientific background allows him to relate especially well to clients whose primary training is in scientific and technical fields. His on-the-job experience includes building international alliances for a US software company and managing an alliance of leading consultants through a phase of rapid change and growth. His direct work experience ensures his coaching is practical for real-world business application.

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