Arthur Giser

"Art is a superb and gifted trainer, one of the best. He combines warmth and humor with exceptional clarity, and is absolutely committed to his participants achieving their goals." Leslie Cameron-Bandler, co-developer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Imperative Self-analysis.

Arthur Giser is known for his clear, thoughtful, and engaging presentations. He teaches skills and transformation in a fun and practical way. Participants take away many forms of learning, including marvelous stories and metaphors that become a source of inspiration in their lives.

Over the past 12 years, Art has created unique and powerful techniques for human development in areas including leadership, collaboration, leading and managing change, sales and persuasion, team building, negotiation, decision-making, and executive coaching.

He also helps teams use new technologies, including groupware, e-mail, voice mail, and video conferencing to create better ways to collaborate and solve problems. His survey of how the use of e-mail affected collaboration at a major computer chip manufacturer led to identifying a potential $40 million yearly savings for the company. He also was part of a team that enhanced and changed the company's entire approach to building billion-dollar chip fabrication plants.

Art’s work enables people, whether individuals or members of large organizations, to create lives that are successful, meaningful, and fulfilling.

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